FramedCanvasArt Customer Reviews

Just received the pictures that I ordered and they look amazing! The canvas texture is a great added touch! I was worried about ordering online, however everything turned out great! I'll definitely be returning to buy some more art.

 Irene from Phoenix, Arizona


 I wasn't sure about what kind of art I wanted but the Art Search tool really helped me out! I was able to search by what colors I wanted, what size I needed...even for what room I needed art for! I just received my order the other day and it looks perfect in my living room! The frame is just remarkable! Thanks Framed Canvas Art!

Angela from Denver, Colorado


I was really impressed with all the options Framed Canvas Art gives you for their Photo to Art section! I wanted to surprise my family with an arrangement of photos from our vacation but I wasn't sure what sizes I needed or how to arrange them. Framed Canvas Art gives a number of different art arrangements,providing information on how much wall space each arrangement covers and even how to lay it all out! It was very informative and made my decision that much easier. I now have it up in my family room and it looks amazing!!

Marilyn from Toronto, Ontario


I love the idea of Feng Shui Art! Framed Canvas Art is the only art store I could find that helps you choose art for specific areas of the house. You should really check it out. I've gotten such great compliments about the artwork too!

 Linda from Calgary, Alberta


I am so happy with the framed set of abstract art I got today! The quality is phenomenal and the canvas texture makes it look like a real painting! And the frames are just gorgeous, the frame color is exactly what I needed for my dining room. And it's ready to hang too! Thanks!

 Joanne from Orlando, Florida


Just got the pictures that I ordered and they look incredible! Better than I thought they would to be honest, the frames are beautiful and solid, much more refined than I had thought they may be. I can't get over the quality of the picture either, the matting is just stunningly done. I will definitely be coming back to look for some other pieces. Thanks again!!