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We Are 100% Canadian 

 20 years ago, we began selling very affordable Wall Decor throughout Canada.

At that time, our framed pictures were available in 1 size and in 1 frame. The images were very different than they are today. Yet somehow, we sold hundreds of thousands and we learned then that Canadians love decorating their homes AND appreciate great value.

Within a short time, we opened up a small manufacturing plant to offer more variety in frames, while still keeping our prices down. We couldn't produce Framed Prints fast enough. The range of images grew as did our customers' taste for beautiful wall décor. Rather than just offering Posters, we began selling reproductions of the great Masters and Impressionists, like Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir. Our prices were still so affordable and our quality was never sacrificed.

Today, our 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility, north of Toronto, Ontario has cutting-edge machinery and a team of Wall Decor Experts that care about offering you the very best in Framed Canvas Art. 

After 20 years of being in the business of designing and manufacturing Framed Prints and Paintings, we truly understand our Canadian market better than anyone. We know that Canadians love Photography, Scenery, Traditional and Contemporary Art. We know that Canadians love their Group of Seven and we proudly offer a gorgeous collection that includes MacDonald, Carmichael, Harris, Jackson, Thomson, Lismer and Carr.  Most importantly,WE love our homes.

Although you might find very enticing offers from other Art sites, most of them are across the border. Some of them (even our Canadian sites) buy their paintings from China. Remember this: We never import art from China. We are truly a Canadian manufacturer, assembling everything right here in Canada, by the hardworking hands of Canadians. 

When we say that we are the Experts in Fine Art Framing since 1991, we want you to know that there is no reason to ever shop outside of Canada. We do it all and we do it right here in Canada

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Leaders in Wall Decor Since 1991  

We've been in the Wall Decor business for over 20 years. We began by busy selling art to large and small retail stores across North America. But over time, the buyers began to frustrate us. Their decisions for choosing art were based on marketing principles; price, seasons, popular trends...and not about what customers were really looking for.We decided that it was time to reach out to you directly and create an incredible experience for online shopping.

We designed this website with the customer in mind. We filled it with thousands of art images in every style, every color, every size, for every room, at every price and included both classic and contemporary artists. And finally, we offer you our unsurpassed wall decor expertise..

We were the first online Art store that actually framed each and every artprint for you, because we knew how confusing and overwhelming it was to choose your own frame and mat? And how can you make a decision if the price keeps changing? After all the years we spent designing art for the retailers, why would we leave the framing up to you? Yes, ofcourse you could change the frame if your decor or taste doesn't match our frame suggestion and no, the price will never change.

We were the first Art website to allow you to view the Art in a Room? How else would you know how large or small the art was. Infact, we offered you the ability to upload a photo of your room and then place that art onto your wall!

So Many Reasons to Shop with

The absolute lowest online prices for ready-framed canvassed prints & posters. How low is low? People call and ask us if there is a frame included in the price?

The Highest Quality Product. What's so outstanding about our quality? We apply a superior canvas treatment that protects and enhances the picture, recreating the artists original intention .

 The competition does not do this. They take a fine artprint and add "acrylic" which is basically a plastic cover. That's fine for a poster. But not for Art.

Finally, our framing is expertly finished by qualified, professionals.

Unlike so many others, we refuse to sell fakes, knock-offs or hand-painted reproductions from China. Every print or poster that we frame is from a legitimate publisher who has paid royalties to the Artist or Photographer who created it. Framed, canvassed wall decor; that is NOT made in China. How refreshing is that!

Our team of talented wall decor Designers have chosen the perfect frame and/or mat, complimenting every single Artprints on our website. However, you are welcome to change the frame to suit your distinctive home decor style and personal taste. NO CHARGE!

We offer Great Rates for Shipping
Shipping Art is a small fortune, which you don't know it until you get to the end. 
No shipping surprises with Us. 

We love framing Art but we know how important your personal Photographs are. What's the point of keeping them all if you can't find a few that are worth displaying in your home? Visit our Photo-to-Art page to see our beautiful array of Framing Options; from a simple Poster to a complex Art Arrangement.We use the highest quality, Canon photo printers, providing rich color and stunning detail. With our superior framing, your Photo-to-Art is guaranteed to last as long as your memories. 

Customer Service and Customer Support define us.

We're really, truly ready to help. By email and by telephone.


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 Helping you decorate your walls is our mission and yes, after all these years, we're really, really good at it. 

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