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Tournee Du Chat Noir
Tournee Du Chat Noir
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Size: 21.50" x 25.50"
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Only: $89.98
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This fine framed vintage advertising artwork has a faux canvas treatment. It is finished in a gorgeous 2.75" elegant black frame with a beautifully contoured finish.
The size dimensions for each picture are the OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS. (The frame is included). 

Size: 22.00" x 30.00"
Compare at: $199.96
Only: $99.98
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by Bruno Pozzo
Size: 23.25" x 31.25"
Compare at: $259.96
Only: $129.98
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by Vintage Art Collection
Size: 24.00" x 30.00"
Compare at: $279.96
Only: $139.98
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Just got the pictures that I ordered and they look incredible! Better than I thought they would to be honest, the frames are beautiful and solid, much more refined than I had thought they may be. I can't get over the quality of the picture either, the matting is just stunningly done. I will definitely be coming back to look for some other pieces. Thanks again!!

- Trevor, British Columbia
How High Should I Hang Art? Everyone knows that your supposed to hang Art at eye level, but no one knows for sure what that level is. Here is an easy calculation: Measure approximately 58" from the floor to the MIDDLE of the artwork. That should be where your art is hung. To help you, have someone hold the artwork against the wall and stand back. You can adjust it up or down, if your family members are either very short or very tall. But only fractionally. If the artwork is hanging above a couch or piece of furniture, it will have to be approximately 6" away. Remember that in many of your rooms, you are sitting. This means that its okay for your art to be lower, rather than higher up on the wall. The most important aspect of hanging art - never look UP to see your art. If you've ever visited a museum, the artwork is always right in front of your nose. Or so it seems!