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Dominate Curve
Dominate Curve
Wassily Kandinsky
Size: 22.00" x 18.00"
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Only: $69.98
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This fine framed artwork has a faux canvas treatment, recreating the original canvas look. It is finished in an ultra modern 1.0" wide x 1.0" deep frame with a smooth, mat black finish. This canvassed artwork is complimented with a textured white-speckled mat, creating an upscale appearance and added value.
The size dimensions for each picture are the OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS. (The frame is included). 

by Frank Jensen
Size: 24.00" x 24.00"
Compare at: $179.96
Only: $99.98
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by Peter Colbert
Size: 37.00" x 25.00"
Compare at: $359.96
Only: $179.98
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by Jenny Siekmann
Size: 14.00" x 14.00"
Compare at: $109.96
Only: $54.98
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Great site! Received my framed artwork today. It's a fantastic addition to my home. Thanks for the great customer service. I'll be coming back soon.

- Mark, Halifax
Should All Frames be the Same in a Room? The answer is twofold. If you are creating a grouping of similar art on the wall, then yes, there should be cohesion to your frames. They don't have to be identical frames, but their colors should be consistent. For example, variations of black frames. This way, the focus is on the artwork or the photography, rather than on the huge assortment of frames. However, if you are adding singular pieces, dispersed throughout a room, than you can use different frames. Each artwork should have the most suitable frame, complimenting it and the room's decor. If the frames happen to match, than that's great, but they don't have to be identical throughout the entire room. Show off your personality in your artwork and your frame choices!