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Art Wall

An art wall in any home is something both for everyone to enjoy - a consistent and beautiful piece of work or several pieces of work that tie a room together. Some art lovers cannot just hang a single piece up on a wall and be satisfied. Some need to create a small gallery, a collection of gorgeous pieces that are both tasteful and eye catching. Everyone has a preference with art; thankfully we have put together a collection that appeals to anyone who appreciates art from posters to paintings. With a wide selection of pieces to add to your beloved wall of art, FramedCanvasArt can offer both the prints and an excellent framing service to complete the works you choose.

Decorate everything from your kitchen to your children's rooms with fun, unique, and suitable pieces that everyone will love. A child will love a wall of movie and animal posters to bring out the fun in their rooms; your kitchen would benefit from a splash of black and white art as well. Nothing says culture like a framed stock photo of Paris sitting above your marble counter. The perfect addition to your chosen art wall is waiting for you now at, so please don't hesitate to take your time and look through each piece of art we have to offer.

Art Wall Decor

When you finally finish remaking a room, or are even just getting into planning a new room layout, it is always important to choose the wall where your art will go. You can call this your art wall for planning purposes. Now the role of your art wall is to hold the posters, paintings, or photos you have chosen to accentuate the room. Choosing your art wall decor is a fun and key part of decorating your room. With the large variety offered, you can organize any kind of theme you'd like. Why not find a few vintage movie posters to finish up an entertainment room, basement, or even the den? Maybe grab a few framed cityscape photographs to spruce up the office or living room. With Framed Canvas Art, any one of your decorating ideas can come to life quickly. Why not flex your creative muscles and redesign that boring basement with the help of some new and exciting prints.

You are just a few clicks away from finding the prints that can inspire you to change a room or complete your current project. Don't hesitate to look through our pages of art and find pieces you love. You can have them framed and on the way to your home within a few days!

Decor Wall Art

Whether you called it wall decor, decor wall art, or just art, our website has everything you need to change or spice up a room in your home that has gotten bland. Fill those empty walls with prints, photographs, and posters from our wide collection. You will never need to worry about framing those prints either as we have everything you need for your art to be ready for hanging. Imagine being able to choose your art, then paint and have the room ready by the time your new work arrives.

A Manhattan art themed studio is possible with black and white cityscape prints to hang on the wall, as well as any other unique works that can help you express your inner creative genius. You can go wild with prints and colours, giving a unique look to each room of your home.

Take a moment to find a skyline photo to add a dreamy touch of another city to your bedroom or even bathroom. Black and white prints in a lovely frame go with any room, on any wall, and complement any choice in decor. The choices are endless and so are the possible combinations of works and frames; of course that just means we can work with anything!

Please explore today to really experience just how many different works of art we have to offer.

Wall Art

Everyone can easily appreciate a beautiful piece of art, something that brightens up a room or helps with the colour accents already in place. Some prefer a statue or piece of glass work but those don't always work alone and can take up a fair amount of room. Wall art really is the perfect thing to add a splash of life, colour, and even culture to a room that you have decided to refinish. There is also the possibility that you're looking to decorate a brand new home with fun, colourful pieces of art from When going through our products, you can be sure to find exactly what you're looking for to decorate your walls, something that will go perfectly with your choice in decor. Your rooms will be brought together and your home completed with the addition of some beautiful art works to decorate your walls.

Whether you're looking for a print, painting, or poster to hang on the wall, you're guaranteed to find the perfect piece to express yourself. Impress your guests with an Andy Warhol print, or a beautifully framed stock photograph. All of these and more can be found in the pages of FramedCanvasArt. So please come and take a look through our pages of art and find the perfect piece to be framed, shipped, and placed in the room of your choice to put the finishing touch on your interior decorating.

Wall Art Decor

Paintings, prints, photographs, and posters are the best form of wall art decor, though this is of course common knowledge. The bigger question tends to be where on earth you can find unique and beautiful pieces that you would proudly display in your home. Framed Canvas Art offers an impressive selection and many different themes and combinations of prints to choose from. Your first step might be to decide what kind of look you want for a certain room; a bright or neutral colour would call for certain prints. Luckily with the vast selection of paint available at any hardware store, you could easily design a room around a certain print you have come to love.

With a black framed print, you could add a touch of colour to your bathroom, adding a bright coloured print to a neutral coloured wall. Having a room to be proud of is always a bonus in your own home, but of course with Framed Canvas Art, you can be proud of every room of your home.

We have floral, forest, animal, and skyline art available and waiting for you to choose those prints that will complement your walls and current furniture. Decorating will become simpler with the different pieces of art offered on our website. Just choose something you like and it will be on its way in a new frame within a few days!

Wall Art Pictures

Not every art fan is solely in love with paintings. Many of you might appreciate a beautiful and professional photograph to a well-known painting. Appreciating the natural beauty of the world's many cities, forests, and structures is a wonderful thing and your favourites can be hung on the walls of your home within a few days of ordering. With our online store, you can take all of the time you need to browse through each available piece of art and not feel rushed to choose one right away. We offer professional, polite, and speedy service for each of your purchases.

Picture art is a wonderful form of art. Many love taking photos and some have that special talent to turn pictures into art. Picture art is capable of keeping happy memories alive and reminding people of a place they wished to visit or had fallen in love with. Many prefer to have a wall dedicated to art, using pictures rather than paintings. Wall art pictures can create a collage of memories or dedicate a small section of your home to your favourite things in the world.

So come take a look at our wide selection of picture art and find those perfect prints to get you started or finished redecorating a room in your home.

Wall Picture

Framed Canvas Art proudly offers all different kinds of art for those who enjoy decorating their walls with prints of famous paintings, vintage movie posters, and of course offers a service to frame each piece.

When you hang a picture on the wall, you don't have to limit yourself to paintings or posters. You can choose to have a wall picture that represents a city you're longing to visit, or maybe one you have already seen and wish to keep a piece of forever. When you begin shopping for your new pieces of picture art, you will want to see the collection waiting for you on this website first. We have everything you could want to decorate your walls with: pictures of nature, cities, people, and monuments. Our search tool will make things even easier as you can quickly narrow down a category for your search. Within no time you will find exactly what you're looking for.

Whether you're looking to add a Hollywood theme to your basement or make a tropical paradise out of your bathroom, the prints you'll want are here in our online store. A few clicks and you could have your new picture art on its way, ready to be hung up and finish tying the chosen room together.

Wall Pictures

The time has come to add something new to your home, something special that both your family and guests will appreciate each time they pass by. What that something special is happens to be a piece of art, a picture specifically as picture art adds that touch of realism, rather than simply paintings.

Wall pictures are one of the many categories of art offered by Framed Canvas Art. A quick search and you can easily match the current or desired theme of your home. It takes no time to find the picture art to complete your interior decor and complement your chosen colour scheme. A fun part of using picture art is the ability to create a collage on a chosen wall, maybe a series of black and white photos to add an artistic spin on the office, where colours won't be distracting but the quick look to another city can be relaxing.

Taking a look through will prove to be one of the best steps you can take towards being inspired to redecorate or just finding that little something special to add to an already completed room. Whether you've lived in your home for years or have just moved into a brand new living space, art is something that can always be added, moved, and appreciated for years.

To place an order for your perfect wall art or to learn more about using pictures in your decor, contact us online or give us a call at 1-877-480-7189 today!

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