Words for your Walls

What do you call art that is nothing more than words with a common theme on a black or white canvas? We call it: "the hottest trend in wall decor". Many different versions of Word Art are popping up and many of them are variations of the old subway signs and railroad signs.

We believe that Word Art (or Typography Art, as the graphic designers call it) is worth hanging if it resonates within your soul. It should speak to you, stir your emotions, warm your heart and maybe even choke you up. It should remind you of someone or something that you hold very dear to your heart.

Have a look at our selection of word art signs to find one (or several) that you love, or send us something of your own - a detailed event, a significant list, a memorable timeline - and we'll create a personal art sign just for you.

To place an order for a word art print or subway sign, or to learn more about our signs and other vintage artwork, contact us online or give us a call at 1-877-480-7189 today!

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